Design Products

AlgaeAboard is set in the context of canal boat dwelling wherein algae become a sustainable source of new luxury material for biodegradable plastic products used on the boat. Taking 'pleasure' as the point of departure, three design products are derived from a different level of pleasure that reflects boat living while taking aesthetic inspiration from canal boats - Sunglasses, Basket Stool and Slippers. 

Sunglasses Inspiration Moodboard

Sunglasses is something we all just need when having a good sunbathing on a fine, sunny day. We all want to own a nice pair of sunglasses and take it for a holiday.

Pleasure function
Basket Stool Inspiration

Tin cans, buckets, horse feed tin and watering pots are the few objects that has been revolved in boat living. They have also been given a lot attention with decorative canal folk art painting apart from the exterior and interior of the boat. Baskets and containers seem to lend themselves into the realm of ambiguity in utility. They can be used for any purpose as the users see fit. The intention is not on the multifunctional aspect but to underscore several individual's meanings and interpretations. That said, turning a container upside down makes a stool too.

Pleasure Need
Slippers Inspiration

The boat is like a private space. Too small to be called a house and too big to be called a room. Living on it gets dirty easily if dirt is brought in with the shoes. So, many liveaboards* have decided to keep a pair of indoor slippers that is solely worn on the boat. Not being obsessive-compulsive disorder, keeping a general cleanliness is merely a customary.

*liveaboard : people who lives on a boat.